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I did check your other thread, but unfortunately it's deeply flawed, in that you need to believe that the Christ figure -actually- did come to Earth and was -actually- the literal Son of God, as opposed to say, a wise radical philosopher (I really do appreciate how believing that did affect your life, and I'm glad you stuck through it, but I think that's more an extension in belief in yourself than any God or Jesus, but that's imho).

Now, about the condemnation. Sure, I understand that there are a great many cases where an individual who believes in this or that wouldn't be one to condemn others who thought or believed differently (individual belief is often a lovely thing), but when you consider that when it comes to the masses, there is a great deal of persecution that goes on, which is completely undisputable. Hence I'm more a proponent to individual spiritualism, rather than one to stand under a banner looking across a battlefield in the name of the God I'm not supposed to kill for, except when people disagree with me.

Bottom line, I think our accomplishments would be so much greater if we didn't have this (what is becoming archaic) preoccupation.
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