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Originally Posted by obi View Post
Well that is interesting. What exactly prompted you to make that decision? Or was it just a thought you've had? Personally, I do not know anyone in either of those practices, so I do not have a personally experienced person I could talk to about it.
Well as my religious background goes I've been to church three times with my parents; twice at a Pentecostal church, and once at a Catholic church. After that we never attended church or really talked about religion much, when we did it was almost always because my mom had had a few too much to drink and always thinks she is a theologist when she is drunk (she's much better now though ) which would almost always turn into a fight over what God wants and what God doesn't want. My childhood was a major deciding factor to branch out on my own and choose something that I feel like I could connect with.

I've known maybe two or three Buddhists total and to be honest I haven't gotten in too deep of religious conversations with them, though now I wish I would have asked at least a few questions. I like Shintoism's ideology of trying to make the best of the world we know and live in rather than prepare for the next, since you see so many other religions already "reserving" their places in the afterlife, which makes sense "why worry about a place you may not know even exists when you're dealing with real-time problems on earth?" I haven't studied too much into Buddhism, but I plan to visit a temple that is somewhat near where I live.
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