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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
I agree. I have chosen to kill them both, but when I found you could turn Yuthura back, I actually asked her about her past. Before, I just assumed she would have dismissed the question out of hand.

After she described her past and I could ask 'Has anything changed?' I knew she was not sure about the Sith anymore and had good reason to turn away. That was the most significant thing that made her different from Darth Vader. Where Luke said 'There's still good in you,' I just thought it was terrible that Vader turned back at those words. A better way would have been stating 'Your wife is dead and there's no point in serving your master anymore. You have nothing to gain and nothing worth losing anymore.' That would have been more moving in my opinion than anything Luke said to Vader.
I agree, Yuthura is much more interesting as character than Uthar ever was. The fact that you actually can persuade her to return to Dantooine, unlocking extra dialog adds that much more development to her character whereas Uthar just gladly accepts the academy and everything goes on as usual...boring.

I think if Luke had said that he would definitely had gotten a more emotional response out of Vader.
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