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Originally Posted by Shem View Post
Well, let's continue on for fun.

Having Luke and Starkiller the only Jedi in the galaxy at the time of the Emperor's death could something to build on.
Hmmm. You could always set the two to meet around the movies.
May I suggest Episode 6? Battle of Endor?

EA material after this is mostly about Luke going on diplomatic missions rather then building a Jedi order (Truce at Bakura uptill Thrawn Trilogy all have him fighting in the frontline, with Dark Empire finally have him 'train' hist first student in 10 aby).
So you could have the two meet right after episode 6. Luke is still with his thoughts with the Rebellion, not ready to form a new order. And Galen is not ready to be with others again (trust issues, love, etc).
So why not have Galen 'work' in Luke's shadows? Write him in at Truce at Bakure. Write him in the Thrawn Trilogy. Only let him meet Luke at time periods that novels don't describe. Let him be part of the conquering of Coruscant...

I am hearing you though. It would only work up till Dark Empire, in which Luke re-establishes the Jedi order.

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