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Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post

I just want to spread the good news.

Tata’s Nano is made for the poor in India. It get around 55 miles to the gallon, burns cleaner with less greenhouse gasses, and only $2,000. hopefully, progress is being made.
Soooooo we are getting another Yugo?

I agree with the idea. Strip out all of the unneeded BS automakers have stuffed in our cars. Heated seats, heated mirrors, navigation systems, and a whole host of things that just don't get used.

Honestly the US automakers should have already started doing this. Instead they keep loading more and more crap into the cars. But what passes for acceptable in India might not do so well in the US when you have an SUV in front and an SUV behind. Or when a semi blows past you and knocks you into another lane with the air.

What about if you get in an accident.
I live in Phoenix, AC is not optional here. You get into a car on one of our 120+ days, and within minutes you are risking heat stroke.

Once you start dealing with the safety regulations, you are looking at some dramatic changes to the car. Heck the Nash 600 was a 5600 lb vehicle that could get 30MPG back in 1948. It certainly wouldn't meet current US safety and emissions regulations and still keep that 30MPG.

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