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Originally Posted by SkinWalker View Post
I've seen no good reason to believe any gods exist. To me, the universe looks just as it should if no gods were present. To put this in perspective, I'd ask if you believe in Zeus or Atun (each one of the many gods in the Greek and Egyptian pantheons of antiquity). If you answer as I suspect, with a "no," my next question would be why not? Both are gods that were believed for periods longer than Yahweh, so what makes these gods irrelevant to you?
In the case of the Egypt didn't they think their rulers were Gods as well? When we compare the Greek and Roman gods of antiquity to Yahweh, there are some marked differences, primarily the weird instances in history, that they are now trying to explain via science, because what they thought didn't happen is looking more and more like it happened.

There are even some instances in modern times that look mighty odd to have been pulled off. Like Israel holding off multiple countries at the same time when they first became a country.

There have been incidents that should have ended in death that have not. There have been unexplainable events that have happened that you really can't explain via science.
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