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Originally Posted by GarfieldLJ
In the case of the Egypt didn't they think their rulers were Gods as well? When we compare the Greek and Roman gods of antiquity to Yahweh, there are some marked differences, primarily the weird instances in history
That is in fact one of the reasons that I am uncertain as to the existence of a particular God or Gods, while not necessarily a true atheist (I would say that I have always been a bit more of an agnostic than anything else). My point is that there are reports of 'weird instances in history' attributed to the ancient pantheons. One in particular, and entirely off the top of my head, comes from Livius' history, during the Second Punic War - lightning strikes on important temples taken to be warnings from Iuppiter, often followed by an important engagement.

I suppose my point is essentially the same as Skinwalker's. For all the bases we have for belief in one God, we have same for others - and that for me contributes to a belief in none.

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