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From Guru on GT
Quote: welcomes the influx of great gamers from the Swbf-files and filefront Network. In the next few days we will be pulling all Star Wars gaming files and maps from swbffiles and setting them up for download right here at Thats right! The best Star Wars Modding Gamesite just got bigger! Our Intention is to add a new CMS to the site to handle all the news for gamers and to keep our game files information more organized. There will be a new map and download manager area once we get everything moved over. During the changes the forums and site will remain unchanged - Just look for more good files directly from the source. Also while its sad that another great gaming network is forced to sell itself to the competitors we salute Filefront for its years of massive file hosting and great services. Details are still pouring in but we assume well have everything moved and starting to offer up the files on or near March 30th.
We're good I guess, maybe we can use this opportunity to turn lucasfiles into more than just an old deserted and ineffective hosting site to something people use and visit.

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