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With all due respects to skinwalker, true_, and Garf, I really wasn't trying to start a debate. I know that religion (or lack therof) rises passion- but I promise I am not trying to start a debate about the existence of God. I just want to know who believes in what, and why they do or do not.

Trust me! I'm an evangelist and pastor. I want nothing more then to see you come to my Jesus, and I think I lay out a pretty good beginning case in my "the OTHER existence of God" thread. I mean, I can start another thread devoted to debate, but I've been doing it on youtube for a while, and there are certain things that the internet prohibits that are very effective in a live debate. For example, the use of the words"fallacy," "ignorant," "retard," and "moron," often come up on the internet.

Let me just say, that if I do get into a debate, it is not coming from an ignorant, fallicious, retarded, or moronic view. I have good reasons for my faith. Even atheists call me a skilled debator. (not tooting my own horn, I am just saying).

That is why I do not like engagements on the internet. I mean, I show someone stats, facts, and present them logical arguement (which they claim to have SO much of), and then they just end up cussing me out and calling me ignorant telling me to read a science book. Little do they know that I am in a degree program FOR health sciences, and a lot of my information that I use to debate COMES STRAIGHT FROM a science book.
So no, I probably will not debate over the internet. Too much freedom to act like a jackass.

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