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I just gotta wonder... WHY IS TESLA MOTORS NOT MENTIONED?!?


Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
"A few adjustments?" Ho-ho-ho. But then they won't get 55 MPG, and will pollute as much as any car.

$2000. Without a doubt it's produced by near-slave labor. No thanks.
Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
Good point.
Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Hey, I'd rather pay more for something produced by people that I know are being adequately compensated for their labor, which is why I buy Japanese. I wouldn't buy American because:

a) lower quality, though it's getting better, and

b) I refuse to willingly participate in all of the rampant turd-polishing of late by our wonderfully complicit congress. All of the tax money being extorted from me that's being used for that purpose is more than enough.
I think I like you. You love shredding things (arguments included) and you like natural beauty in your women. Are you also an engineer?
Originally Posted by kipperthefrog View Post
yeah that does sound fair to our fellow workers. I know a guy that won't buy from Wal-Mart becuase they underpay their workers.

Where do you go about finding out which countries use "near slave labor" and which countires "pay adequately"?
I won't buy from wal-mart not only because they are cheapskates but they bully suppliers around for prices. Making it hard to be a third party distributor in 2 ways:

Firstly you deal with them and you are forced to take as little money as possible or you're ousted

Secondly you would have to compete with them if your distribution were in retail--or else your retailers would have do compete. That is the proverbial "between a rock and a hard place" in business.

Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
Well, first, you'd have to decide what qualify as "near slave labor".
I think a fairly large number of people across the world could come to a general consensus--why not start with us on LF, right here and now?

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Soooooo we are getting another Yugo?

I agree with the idea. Strip out all of the unneeded BS automakers have stuffed in our cars. Heated seats, heated mirrors, navigation systems, and a whole host of things that just don't get used.

Honestly the US automakers should have already started doing this. Instead they keep loading more and more crap into the cars. But what passes for acceptable in India might not do so well in the US when you have an SUV in front and an SUV behind. Or when a semi blows past you and knocks you into another lane with the air.

What about if you get in an accident.
I live in Phoenix, AC is not optional here. You get into a car on one of our 120+ days, and within minutes you are risking heat stroke.

Once you start dealing with the safety regulations, you are looking at some dramatic changes to the car. Heck the Nash 600 was a 5600 lb vehicle that could get 30MPG back in 1948. It certainly wouldn't meet current US safety and emissions regulations and still keep that 30MPG.
OR heated stuff in colder climates hardly being optional. Jus 'cos you live where it's hot, don't count out the cold people Tommy...I speak from experience once having lived there. So it depends on where you live.

@ general thread

As far as crap...all the DVD, blu ray, Video monitor stuffs. Having portable gaming is one thing, having portable setups in your car for stationary gaming is another. There is all kids of other stuff like wifi for your car which leaves me scratching my head. Cellphones already do waaaay too many things for just being a phone.

Tesla motors seems to be doing nicely.

Is there no way to make totally enclosed solar refrigeration? I seem to remember something about that in the "Solar Projects for the evil genius book". I know general refrigeration techniques are used in AC and also in cooling electronic devices like...say potentially the computer you're on right now.

I'd welcome a more feasible method of vehicular travel, but there still needs to be the older stuff around for the time being to do heavier work.
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