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Agh. I'd so love to get into my lack of faith in religion in general. I keep myself agnostic, as of this time, so I don't anger the wrong folks. (See South Park, Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My An*s scene regarding the "correct religion.")

The biggest turn off for me, at this stage in my life, was seeing just the beginning of the movie The American Zeitgeist. The explanation of this series of coincidences reoccurring in countless religions in countless ways... and how most of the coincidences end up being directly influenced by the primitive sciences, technology, and agriculture systems regarding the Zodiac, etc... It was interesting in that way.

I'm sure Master SkinWalker here could shed some light on some specifics, being he's an anthropological genius. =)

Most of the opinions I've read in this thread regarding why they do not accept any specific religion, I find myself agreeing with. So rather than (practically) spam by repeating what others have said, I shall say I concur with several of the previously stated opinions in this topic.

Thank you.

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