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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7 View Post
Is your pc a store bought one? Is it still under warranty?

Im personally a bit cautious of telling someone who doesnt know what a stick of RAM is to open up their rig and fiddle around.

Please note, that any advice you receive on this site(or any online tech site) is advice only. Acting on it is entirely at your discretion, and your responsibility for any consequences good or bad.

Well I know what RAM is but I never called it sticks, and I dont know how to isolate one, or check how much I currently have. And I know the risks.

I ordered it off Dell's Site, and Im not sure if the warrenty is up, but Im pretty sure it is, but I think it would be easier to ask here then to deal with Dell(there customer support isnt exactly the best). Anyway, I tried a system restore, which worked for several shutdowns and boots, but eventually I got it again.

By the way, my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1525

EDIT: Memory(RAM): 3062 MB

Also I noticed my Physical Memory on Task Manager is quite low?
Total: 3061
Cached: 2010(give or take 2)
Free: 0-23(varies)

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