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If AIG hadn't taken the govt money and got back up on it's own, I wouldn't care.

The point of the money was to save AIG, there IS NO COMPANY to pay out bonuses if AIG dies, so their bonuses, while I feel they deserve them, should be delayed, regardless of the contract, until that amount of money can come from AIG, not taxpayers/government.

Some of the more favorable arguments, such as the government using it's controlling shares(which is technically what it bought), to sue AIG as shareholders and cause AIG to revoke the contracts. Which is all fairly legal. As for the 90% taxing, considering many of these people are well and clearly multi-millionaires without these bonuses, I don't feel bad for them in the slightest. Aside from saving the the world, or at least a city, I can't think of any job that could be done by anyone less than Superman that would warrant a $100+ bonus.

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