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Ok every onr please pull you head out get some fresh air. First If you look at the planes in the video they ARE BLACK. No airline on the planet flys Black planes. WHO does? Second: the way those building came down was a controlled drop. That started at the bottom of the buildings. BOTTOM OF THE BUILDINDS! Tower 4 which was not struck by the planes was brought down in a controlled drop the same day. Why, better Question is how it take weeks to plan a controlled building drop.
Third: The first reports of the pentagon being hit was by a MISSLE! not a plane. and why was the wreckage of the "plane" that hit the Pentagon no larger than what could be picked up by hand?
Lastly, I ask you not to judge until all the fact have been addressed. I will never say that war is unnessary If you look at the last administation you have to see there are a lot of question left unanswered.
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