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This message has spoilers for the first level of Hoth: Imperial Base V3.0 so read only if you are through with the level.

I'm stuck playing the first level in Hoth: Imperial Base V3.0. I've been running around this level for the last 2 hours and can't get the door with the red light at the end of the first level to turn green. Is that screenshot of the TIE fighters from the first level or the second? I haven't been there yet. The farthest in the level I got was to the AT AT standing besides the big ball turret. I shot the AT AT head and made it explode. I went up the steps and into a door and killed some imps and found a secret area but couldn't find anything else to do in there. I sliced the AT AT controls that is beside where you're standing at the start of the level and the one that is beside an AT ST. I destroyed a pipe beside the elevator where the level starts and another panel that is up high on a catwalk. I've found 5 of 6 secret areas. I really need help on this level. I've been stuck on it longer than I want to tell.

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