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In response to the previous "poem" ... I present this:

Lost Angel

A two bit pyjama shirt,
and a flower printed bra.
You stripped me of my dignity,
and threw me face first in the dirt.
I wish I knew where you are now,
so I can show this thing I've wrote for you.

I seen the devil in an angel suit just the other day,
It must have been halloween somewhere, up there.
I never knew, I'd feel like this,
until you winked at me,
After all the drinks I was blind,
but now I can see,
that not all of it was bad,
but it was bad enough.
I can see
every little detail, and what I once though
smooth is now hard and rough.

I should make a few calls and start a band.
We'll have the whole world in the palm of our hands.
We'll pick up a beat,
sing bout you whilst sweating in the heat,
out on the other side of the street,
shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, move your feet...

... I'd rather stand.

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