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Originally Posted by kirk_is_pwn View Post
Let me explain. The big bang theory suggests that the universe began in a very dense, very hot state. It also states that this very dense hot state was contained in an infinitly dense point. But to be infinitly dense it would have to be non-existant. So already we understand that the point had to be put there if this theory were truth. And this leads to the question of how did this point get there?
The Big Bang theory hinges on the fact that our universe is constantly expanding outward infinitesimally. Logically, if the universe is expanding outward, it had to come from somewhere, aka "the center". That's where the "Big Bang" comes from. You must remember that this "point" you are referring too is also infinitesimally small, so small one can't even really describe it. To say it "came" from somewhere is misleading as it is impossible to perceive.

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