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Unless you've paid for extended warranty, standard warranty is 12 months.

Sticks of RAM in a laptop are shorter, and often called SODIMMs by nerdy types

They sit in slots on the mainboard. Taking them out and putting it back in is a bit trickier in a laptop, but can be done with a bit of concentration, and CLOSELY following the instructions in the service manual of your specfific laptop model.

You just need to ensure you are following correct safety procedure:

*Unplug PC/laptop
*Work on grounded surface. ie. not on a shaggy carpet or near water
*anti static gloves if youre super keen

That being said, the numbers youve given from task manager are quite normal. I have a vista x64 that has been purring along nicely for a long time. Heres a cap of my taskmgr memory numbers:

BSODs are quite commonly caused by issues related to hardware or driver changes. Have you done anything like this recently? Had you been using the pc ok for gaming etc until recently?


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