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ok ham yoyo,if you look at the first pic that chrisg posted you have to destroy that atats controls ,slice it twice and you should see a cutscene take over where you see 4 to 5 stormtroopers open the door and come through waiting for you on there side of the chasm.the cutscene plays the second the atats controls are destroyed and you are able to proceed.
hope that helps
also with the first atat,you have to really use force jump to get up underneath it similar to what luke did in the film and toss in 1 or 2 thermal dets into the small opeing,you should see a cutscene pretty much recreating the atats head exploding from empire.once you destroy the last atats head,this is optional you can fight a rebornboss on the atats head as well as some probe droids.

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