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A thought regarding Revan

I've had a thought regarding Revan, seeing as he has left the known Galaxy for some time, what if the Revan which appears in this mod is actually like a projection or mirage of his self which has been concieved by a power which he has taught himself during his mysterious travels, and have him speak in some form of ancient Sith dialect (which i'm sure one of the alien soundsets could fill in for) this would cause slightly less heartache as it could excuse a lack of voice overs for Revan, and play into the actual Star Wars storyline abit more since he (his actual self) supposedly never returned from the unexplored regions. Perhaps having a scene of Dark Side powers flying all over place and his projection or mirage can spawn from it. This could give him a more mysterious and eerie atmosphere, and attempt to please those who abide by canon.

I haven't actually played this conversion yet, nor am i trying to tell you how to go about it, Just one of my many creative thoughts

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