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Exclamation Holiday Scenario

Hey all,

We appreciate your support on the podcast and are glad you are all enjoying what you hear.

With the pending holiday on the horizon, several cast members have family commitments that go above and beyond the role of the podcast itself. That being said, we may have to postpone things for about a week or two.

That does not mean we are leaving all of you behind... We will most likely put up the promised blooper real, as well as some extra material that was cut from previous podcasts to keep you entertained.

At this point in time, Episode 4 may, or may not stay on schedule, while Episode 5 will have to be postponed during the holiday. All recording and editing times will resume to normal AFTER the holiday.

Things are getting hectic for us, and don't think we DON'T want to be there, but our families come first. We apologize, and appreciate your patience.

Thanks for understanding,

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