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Baldur smiled when Nick grabbed him by the throat. He grabbed his Gunsword and slashed the blade across the beast's chest. "ENOUGH!" he sliced the wrists as well, freeing him.

Baldur watched as the gaping wounds sizzled and burned. "The blade of my Gunsword is weaved with pure silver. If I had impaled you, it is doubtful you would have survived. Disintegrated into a thousand pieces of ash."

He approached the beast and glared at him. "Your are an arrogant, untamed beast who cant even heal bullet wounds! I saved your life, the least you could do is show me proper respect. I mean you no harm!" He sheathed his Gunsword back. "Dont waste your strength on me dog. There is no point..."

"He is correct though." He turned to the others. "I am a duplicate of the real Baldur. As of now, the original is overlooking the city for any signs of Lycan activity. It wont be long till they begin their assault."

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