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Hi all. A little while ago I made a comment about posting a big list of all the cut content. Here's a start on it, followed by a list of what will be implemented by me in the forthcoming 2.0 expansion.

Original Story - spoilers for anyone who hasn't played through yet.

Show spoiler

I don't know if I'll ever be able to make a list of every little intended thing which was removed. Once I'm finished version 2.0, I'll try and get down a nice long detailed list.

Now here's a list of what I'm going to be adding :
- The whole thing will be fully voiced. Gavaroc is indeed voicing Revan, and I have people for the other main characters as well.
- Dxun return. After completing your first planet, you will be able to return to Freedon Nadd for more training. This will unlock prestige classes and new Force powers.
- There will be more subquests, specifically on Coruscant, but at least one more on each planet.
- There will be three new possible apprentices. One in particular I'm making as an 'x' apprentice. You will be able to download a small patch to change them into around 20 alternatives, so people if they want can have Visas Marr or Handmaiden in it (I will be taking on requests if there are others people want).
- I willing be adding the ability to more directly affect your apprentices (alter their alignment, skills etc)
- There will be one new planet to explore (secret for now)
- The plague subplot will be resolved (orginially was cut because czerka was delibrately maunfacturing the plague and cure. I felt it was too similar to Tsig's chacter quest).
- More romance resolution.
- Maps
- Limited journal entries. They won't be as in depth as Kotor2, but they'll be good for reminding you what you're supposed to be doing.
- Better game balance, new custom weapons, some new Force powers.

- Needless to say, bugs will also be resolved and typos will be fixed.

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