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Jolee would be like 80 around the time of this mod anyway

By the way, are the Aratech G0-T0 Droid series present in this mod?
considering they started being manufactured after Revan left for the unknown regions and seceded 16 planets from the replubic about 100 years after TSL , i'd say they deserve somewhat of a role

Personally i don't like the whole idea of an "alternate universe" kind of thing (Makes me think of Futurama )
So heres a little something could help things stay abit canon, maybe shove it in somewhere at the end (again, i'm not trying to tell you what to do, but i have a little bit of a habbit of trying to make sure my ideas are out there ) it leaves abit of fertile ground after it also

3 Decades Later, remnants of the Sith emerged from the mysterious unknown region beyond the broad rule of Galactic Replublic and infiltrated the Library of the Republic of Coruscant. Their intentions were unknown, it appeared as if they were after something, something which they took it upon themselves to insure was taken, or perhaps forgotten. They left behind no trail, but a single holocron was missing. Their intentions forever remain a mystery, but no longer do records remain of Revan's legendary return from the unknown, perhaps it was a move on the part of the Sith to misguide those who looked back on history into believing that their legendary saviour never returned from his conquest beyond the known worlds, or perhaps something much deeper was about to unfold...

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