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My goodness! I finally figured the Hoth level out. But I didn't figure it out untill I started the whole level over again. I found out on the first 2 AT ATs you just need to slice the controls because you don't have thermal detonators yet. Then the third AT AT on my first time playing the level I shot the head with my stormtrooper rifle and the head exploded but the cutscene didn't show. So I was stuck for longer than I care to say and revisiting every room in the level. But on the second time through I forced jumped up the AT ATs belly but I still was stuck because I couldn't find the small opening. But I finally remembered that Luke Skywalker cut open something with his lightsaber in The Empire Strikes Back. So I pulled my lightsaber out and started hacking away untill I sliced through the grate. I threw 2 thermal detenators in it and I finally saw the cutscene I worked so hard and waited so long for.

I then went on to play level 2 and it was awesome. The next level I'm going to play is the new Nina level for JA.

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