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I should go.
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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
^^ Good choice as well, the Nazis also had a way with developing kickass weaponry with equally kickass names, like Sturmgewehr. Sturmgewehr. Compare with Allied inventions: The Thompson rifle. Thompson? Seriously?

Thanks Sabre! Indeed, the Nazis always had good gun names...even the meaning of Sturmgewehr is awesome....Storm Gun....that sure beats a Thompson

Originally Posted by Astor Kaine View Post
Bah! Modern weapons are so surgical - where's the romance?

From my own collection (none of these can actually fire, but given the chance I'd have the real things):

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Though, for zombie killing, i'd go with a machine gun backed up by a cavalry sabre.
Somehow, I knew you'd pick those weapons, they are indeed classics, but for zombie killing, I'd take a shotgun, and a Samurai sword, aim for the head! {Though Sabre's idea of riding on a horse and lancing the zombies is pretty cool too}

You know what you need, Astor? You need a Magnum...most powerful gun in the world

you very much
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