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Hey everyone!

I'm glad you guys liked the video, I plan to release more videos in the future.

I will be going over these dlg for grammer and spelling. The newer dialogue i have been adding, I used Microsoft Word so there should be fewer of these.

@Drunkside, yes there will be more re-skinning of the Corellia module. The modules for Corellia's city is about 50 percent re-skinned. One big problem is the sun color is so strong its hard to judge a good skin for that module.

@Darth Novotnus, I will play with the skybox for the module but the major issue is the sun yellow light which will be there even if I change the skybox.

If anyone knows how to tone down the sun's light in this module, PM me.

Malachor V will be basically the same skins, except for the dock area.

I will be continue playing around with the modules' skins as the progress continues, I plan to even keep working on them even when Beta-testing is going on.

Keep the questions coming



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