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A small azure light flashed on the holo-panel, alerting the Arbiter of a prisoner's escape. "No matter, let him go. If he leave's, then he give's us a huge advantage . . ." He flicked off the auto-defense's for the escapee's sector, 'accidentally' allowing him to free the other's if he so desired.

"Fleet Master, your failure is of little concern to me. We are now above the target co-ordinate's, engage glassing now. Once it is complete we will begin the ground assault . . ." His voice trailed off, as he moved quickly over to a nearby viewport. The UNSC were attempting to evacuate the city, but to little avail it would seem. The last of the Phantom's took off, clearing the Convenant force's out of the city. The glassing could now begin . . .

The Arbiter immediately clutched his forehead, becoming overcome slightly by recent event's. He shook the feeling aside and moved on, leaving the bridge to the Fleet Master. Ripa now took a grav lift, to the brig.

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