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Wait, did they finaly end it when the author croacked? In that case here is what happens in each book untill the final book, read once for each book you haven't read, except the last one, then read the last one.

WARNING: if you find the wheel of time to be a serie of unpredictable masterpieces, with fantastic plot twists, kindly dont see below, instead, see a psychiatrist.

Magic guy: jugles three girls successfully, kills/defeats another bad magic guy at the end of the book.

Wolf guy: is unsuccessfully jugling two girls, but manage to set things straight with the "right" one in the end while doing some minor heroic deed.

Smart/looser guy: is jugling no girls, yet end up in deep ****t because of one/some, also fails at setting things straight with said girl(s), fails to get away from the mess that surounds magick guy, yet end up failing/creating his own personal mess.

Whor, err, sexually liberated yet sterotypical girls who shoot lightning: Despite spending 90% of the book working to get/getting saved by/looking at/sleeping with/killing others who look at/sleep with the men they love, they end up saving the other men/doing something which will save the men in the next book.
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