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Waking, Valkanar was stunned to see his wounds were healed. Several Drones were in the room, obviously working as medical officers. But where was he? Taking notice of a nearby Sangheili, likely the one who had rescued him, he addressed the Elite.

"What ship is this?"

"The Divine Justice. The glassing sequence has just begun."

"Thank you for..."

"We trained together in Crolun. You were a great inspiration to me. What I did was simply the honorable thing to do."

They embraced, him and the blue-armored Elite.

"Tell me your name."

"Coryntar 'Crolunee."

Equipping his gray armor, he continued speaking.

"Come with me to the bridge. You will likely want to see the fruits of your labor."

"I would be honored."

They passed many Grunts on their way to the bridge. Finally, they arrived, and Valkanar approached the Arbiter. He did not speak, for he knew that the Arbiter had heard his approach.

The windows near the front revealed many Covenant warships preparing to glass the planet. This was it. The moment that they had been waiting for.
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