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"Come with me," Master Vrook said, beckoning to his student with a gloved hand. "I think I heard Masters Vash and Kavar nearby. If my suspicions are correct, they're with Knight Nevar in the Training Room, wanting to show him the finer points of lightsaber dueling, as I have been doing with you." He winked at Vtorym. "Perhaps by watching Sam, you'll learn something about your own technique as well as his. Do you wish to observe?"

"Indeed," Vtorym told Master Vrook, "for Sam Nevar is even better at some of the higher forms of combat than I am." She and the older Jedi bowed to one another, concluding their own dueling session, and went towards the larger and more spacious Training Room.

"Lonna?" Vrook bowed to Vash, a stately Jedi Master with light streaks of gray in her hair. "Kavar?" Kavar bowed humbly at the waist to Vrook, who was beginning to bald in comparison to the younger man. Kavar had a full head of wheat-colored curls. "I see you are both here with Knight Nevar. Hello, Samuel," Vrook said with a slight smile on his face. "Are you all here to begin a training session?" The Masters nodded. "May Knight V'stalt and I observe? We're hoping to learn something from you, and perhaps at the end of this round of training, we can teach you what we've learned." Vrook sat and waited.

"Sam?" asked Vtorym. "I'll leave it up to you if you'll let me watch, though Master Vrook is intent on viewing a display of your skills." She snickered. "Don't let him distract you!"
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