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Mara Jade PC (NOW A TSL MOD)


All right, everyone, I'm back with a super update! Mara Jade is now a playable PC in TSL, and she's much cooler than that old KOTOR mod I created below.

This time around I set it up so you can choose whether to always have the Mara Jade outfit or only when you have underwear on (the character, not you ).

Check out the pics and then download from my website or KOTORFiles!

No long hair this time around. It just looked terrible.
Also there are some clipping issues.

Here's my second mod! With it you can choose Mara Jade as your playable character. Yay! Now with TSLPatcher and working DS transistions!

Woot! Mara Jade 2.0 is now out!

Man I haven't even seen this file in ages, but I think this is the correct one.
Mara Jade for KOTOR

Make sure you check out the readme! VERY IMPORTANT! (not so much now with the TSL Patcher)

To try 2.0 before you buy...(aka pictures!)

End of the OLD, OLD, OLD

Moderators, is it possible to change the thread to read that it's a KOTOR/TSL mod in the heading instead of just a KOTOR mod?

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