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"Lena, come here."
Atris called out to Lena Vark, who was swinging her lightsaber around the room. She was practicing the Niman form. The Dueling Chambers were spacious enough for Lena to pretend she was being surrounded by many enemies. Lena turned off her lightsaber. She pocketed it and looked at Atris curiously.

Atris was holding out a cube holocron.
"Are you aware of what this is, Lena?"
Lena looked at it. It was full of inscriptions that Lena was not familiar with.
"Is that a.."
"It is a holocron indeed. This holocron, in particular, is that of Jedi Master Kraklan. He was the first to influence the Force to heal people. But this technique was reversed by the perverse minds of the Sith. They used it to drain life from other beings. Do you understand what I am trying to teach you, Lena?"
Lena sensed a bit of anger when Atris said Sith.
"Every act of good has an evil counterpart, master."
"Very good, Lena. You may resume training. I have to get this holocron back to the Archives."

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