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Originally Posted by HK-42 View Post
Before starting a version 2, Id get all the bugs sorted out, there is a tremendous amount of them. Perhaps getting some experienced beta testers, who will know what to look for, etc?

No I am not volunteering by the way, I dont have the time.
perhaps the 2.0 patch will include bug fixes?

My brain spawned another possible idea!
Cassus Fett, the most wanted man in the galaxy, served under Mandalore the ultimate has was very influential in areas throughout the Mandalorian society, and was only "presumed" dead, Perhaps he could make an appearance and attempt to claim the title of Mandalore himself, perhaps even his hatred for the Republic and concepts of a New Mandalorian order taking over could convince him to form somewhat of an alliance with the Sith (it wouldn't be the first Mandalorian/Sith alliance, and could possible somehow lay the base for the Sith/Mandalorian alliance in the Great War).

My ideas may not matter, but i have a feeling that if i keep this up i'll stumble onto something groundbreaking

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