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Originally Posted by jedimike2234 View Post
um yeah i forgot to mention the little opening has a grate on it,although i just threw a thermal det at it,i had times when i threw the saber and it manages to break in and destroy the atat inside without the cutscene.
Or i just swing up with the saber.
but its good you finally made your way through,chrisg got in touch with the author about finishing up the level ,were still hoping he will.

the new nina mod Privateer,is just spectacular!the final level just blew me away!
It will be nice if the author will finish the level. He did a great job on them.

I played the first level of Privateer tonight. It was awesome. The secondary objectives were cool. I read that there was a Star Destroyer level in Privateer. It is probably the last level that blew you away. I am really looking forward to it.

It is great I'm enjoying 6 and 7 year old games like JO and JA so much. They are just so well done.

My dream, to watch Imperial ships explode in my gunsights.
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