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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
I always figured the reason C'baoth had no lightsaber was because he didn't need it.
True. He never used it.
However, the comic adaption does picture him with a lightsaber. But it isn't mentioned in the book he ever wears or uses one.
However, he DID kill the guardian of Wayland.

The Guardian of Mount Tantiss was a Dark Jedi assigned by Emperor Palpatine to guard his storehouse at Mount Tantiss. (Wookieepedia and the book)
And C'baoth killed that Dark Jedi and became the guardian himself. It is logical to asume he took at least took the Dark Jedi's saber somewhere to prevent his new subordinates from ever using it against him, or to put it in his throne room as a reminder of his prowess.

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