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"What's happened?!" Neerg shouted. The bridge was slightly lit up by the viewports.

"Somebody's destroyed the power supply?" an Unggoy said hesitantly. Neerg activated his energy sword and was about to kill the Grunt, who screamed and ran away. Neerg deactivated the sword and sat down.

"You!" Neerg said and pointed at a terrified Grunt. "Go activate the reserve power." The grunt was about to run away, but he fell down as the ship had started falling towards Harvest. The crew held on to everything they could find, a few Grunts fell.

"We have been sabotaged!" a red armored elite shouted.

"To the hangar!" Neerg shouted. "I'll go after the Arbiter." The crew ran as good as they could towards the hangars, while Neerg and his bodyguards took the same path as the Arbiter.

"Where are you, Arbiter?" Neerg asked into his commlink...
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