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Jacob was in his quarters meditating, or at least trying to. Control! You must learn control! He could hear from Master Vandar in his head. Any other Jedi would be annoyed with it, but he knew that it was with very good reason. He was extremely strong in the Force, but couldn't control his own power. Whenever he tried to lift something with Force, he always ended up flinging it across the room. When he tried to feel the living Force, he always felt too much of it and either fainted or got a nasty headache. At least he didn't have trouble in lightsaber combat, quickly mastering the Soresu form and making short work of most training droids. Realising that he'd only end up hurting himself more if he tried to meditate, he left his quarters and went to find to find Vtorym. He never felt out of place or awkward around her, though if the Council knew why...

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