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Master Vrook gazed admiringly at Sam and how he'd made such quick work of Master Vash in the mock lightsaber duel. He turned to his own student, a hint of a mischievous gleam in his eye. "Knight V'stalt," he said, "are you the sort that enjoys a good wager from time to time?" Despite her better judgment telling her not to nod in the affirmative, Vtorym did so. "Good. Perhaps you'd like to place a bet on which Jedi is going to win this round: Sam or Kavar?"

Vtorym turned her head to face Vrook. "What do I get if I win, Master?"

"The rest of today and the beginning of tomorrow free from any training."

"And if I lose?" This offer of respite intrigued her. Maybe she could go see...

"If you lose, you must face Sam in the ring, and if you lose there, myself."

The younger Jedi Knight took a deep breath. It was foolish to duel both a student and a Master, one right after the other, but she nodded anyway. Vtorym had always thought herself as less than Master Vrook, even though according to the tenets of the Jedi, they were equal human beings. As for Sam, she was worried about losing to him, because she had reached the rank of Weapon Master. Losing to him would mean not only defeat, but humiliation.

"Very well, then. I predict Master Kavar will win, if only by a slim margin."

Vrook smirked. "The lady has made her wager. Knight Nevar--Kavar? Begin!"
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