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Originally Posted by kirk_is_pwn View Post
matter cant be created nor destroyed according to the physical laws of the universe.
Which law is this?

I think that if you go back and re-read the law you think you're citing, you may find that it actually says something different.

Hint: if matter can become energy and vice versa, then it would seem that one could argue that there was a tremendous amount of energy released during the big bang and then look for evidence that would support this. If one were to then happen upon something like, oh say, cosmic microwave background radiation, then it would do much to bolster confidence in such a hypothesis.

If I may suggest some materials which might help to shed some light on the subject:

The Big Bang and Cosmic Microwave Background
More Evidence for the Big Bang

You can either listen to the podcast (IIRC, they run about 30 minutes each), or just read the transcripts. I really do think these will answer just about any question you could have about the big bang.

Originally Posted by kirk_is_pwn View Post
God is immaterial, and also outside of time and space.
Ok. How do we know this though?

And if god gets to be immaterial, outside of time and space, then we get to extend that same argument to whatever conditions might have been necessary for the big bang. Lest we be guilt of special pleading.

Thanks for your post.
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