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Sigh. @ Garfield: Let me clarify. Faith was a driving factor in King's particular method of non-violent protest in the Civil Rights movement. Many people believed that 'all men are created equal', but it was Christ's non-violent example that served as the basis for King's actions.

@Achilles--if you've listened to all his speeches (and I would recommend to everyone reading them too, especially in historical context with the particular events of the day), along with his biographies and autobiography, then you know that he speaks of Christ as his inspiration and entreated many to follow Christ's non-violent example and have faith in Him. He was Christian, Christ was his example. He did study Gandhi to see how he accomplished what he did in India, but he stated frequently he relied on his faith in Christ to give him strength and courage to do what he did in the Civil Rights movement. Note that I'm stating what he believed, I'm not debating whether or not you think that's correct, just for clarity's sake.

As for Malcolm X, I'm sure his violent methods didn't help. However, being Muslim in a predominantly Christian nation made it nigh on impossible for him to accomplish the same things King was able to as a Christian.

Skinwalker can split the thread as he desires--doesn't matter to me either way.

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