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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
Is that what we're discussing? If not, then it seems you're introducing a strawman.
That's the OP's call.

Originally Posted by Achilles
No one is arguing that Dr. King was not religious. The questions that I raised can be found back in post #12 if you would like to address them. The track you're on now appears to be addressing some other argument.
I went with the discussion on an interesting bifurcation. No, I don't think King would have been the kind of leader he was without his faith, and no, the civil rights movement would not have been the same had he not been a Christian pastor in a Christian black community galvanizing people to act in the name of Christ's love to overturn an unjust institution. I'm not entirely certain if that could be accomplished in today's society, as an aside.

Originally Posted by Achilles
I suppose it's a good thing that I never claimed that it was then. I offered an intro to those that might not know that much about Dr. King or his influences. If I thought the conversation warranted more than that I would have done something other than Google "MLK Gandhi" and posted the first result that came back.
This is an area of special interest for me. Crap links aren't going to cut it for me on the history of King and the civil rights movement, just like crap links don't cut it for you, either. If you're going to call me out for sourcing, don't try to post non-historical garbage and expect me not to comment on the poor source quality.

Is the argument that they wouldn't find any ties between Dr. King and Gandhi if they did? If not, then I suspect that this is yet another strawman. Please clarify.
You and I both know that King found Gandhi's methods of use in the civil rights movement, and why you would try to imply otherwise when I've talked in two separate posts above about Gandhi's influence on King's methods is bizarre. If you're going to quote about the influence of Gandhi's nonviolence on King's policies of non-violence, at least find something better than an article by a guy who doesn't even know how to cite sources (or a website owner that doesn't know how to include them if the journalist did originally cite them).

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