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Ryan was pulling Gerris to the living room by his arms. As he passed the others he shook his head and mumbled something to himself. This wasn't the vacation that Ryan had imagined when he signed up for this. At most he figured a few rigged lights,and some sound effects. Not full blown apparitions and a photo that had people looking like them. Ryan carefully laid Gerris's back against the couch making sure he wouldn't slide to any of the other sides and onto his arms.

Ryan rubbed the back of his head and he turned to face everyone wondering how he was going to explain everything that had happened. He reached into his pocket feeling the edge of it rub against his skin as he grabbed hold of the picture and threw it upon the table.

"Take a look at that but look closely. It's not going to instantly jump out at you. Let me know if you see any familiar faces." He said to everyone as he took a seat on the couch near Gerris placing a hand on his unconscious friend making sure he doesn't fall.

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