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Originally Posted by Triple-Eight View Post
Hey RedRob. i love your skins. very good work
when did you release the republic uniforms skins?
i can't wait. the skins are to awesome.
Originally Posted by Ghost Down View Post
Yeah, I'd love to use those skins!
Thanks. I've also made some combat suits for the Sith, Czerka, the TSF & Corellian military (for Revenge of Revan). I plan on making a few more for minor organizations, like Hidden Beks & Black Vulcars etc. I'll probably release them as a modders resource. Rather than placing them in-game myself, I'll leave it up to other people to use them to expand the variety of NPCs. The other good news about them is that I'm making everything with tgas that are available in both games, so there isn't any problem with porting. I'll post some screen shots later after I get home.

Edit: These screenshots are from TSL, but the skins will work just fine in K1. I'll also include uti's and models (uvw map fixed) for both games. I chose the combat suit because it is the only model for both genders that has a significant portion that is not mirrored. I've put a logo on the back panel of each suit.

I plan to do some more like the Exchange (based on Davik's suit PMBE07); Black Vulkars (based on N_swoopgang01 & 02); GenoHaradan (based on N_Rodian03). I'd do one for the Hidden Beks, but they seem to wear whatever armour suit they can find, and don't really have any "gang colours".

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