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As the humans and aliens walked, Neerg studied his captive humans. He noticed many things, among them was their armor which was not shielded, like the Elites and brutes were, but it was certainly effective against both plasma and bullets.

The humans were not uncivilized, like for example the Jackals, even if that's what the Prophets said.

Maybe the Prophets aren't always right he thought, but he quickly shrugged the thought of. Thoughts like that could lead to being stripped of his rank, or even death. He did not want to face the Arbiter saying such things.

The Elites activated energy swords lit up the whole corridor, so Neerg, and probably the other Elites too, saw the sign for the reserve power room before the humans.

"You go in first," Neerg pointed at the two elites in the front of the group. "Then you two," he said neutrally to the humans. "Then we will go in" The Elites at the front walked in. Neerg pointed at the humans with his energy sword to do the same.
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