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Master Vrook turned to stare at Sam, his eyes full of righteous anger. "What was that? Did you suddenly forget that this was a practice duel, Knight Nevar, and not a real one?"

"It was my fault, Master," replied Vtorym, stepping hastily between the two men. "I did not properly defend myself from Sam's attacks, and therefore I lost--and was injured."

"The blame is not yours," replied Vrook. "You did your best with the combinations of Master Flurry and the Juyo form that I have taught you, called Skorost'. Someone else did not control their temper in the course of the practice duel, and it wasn't you." The older Jedi looked to the young man, his eyes full of a questioning insistence. "Sam? Are you going to try your hand at dueling Lena Vark, Atris' Padawan? If so, I sincerely wonder if Lena will end up with the same kind of wound that Knight V'stalt suffered."

Vrook stepped off the training mat. He had always had a low opinion of weaker Jedi, particularly those who could not properly control their anger, and this time he would see whether Knight Nevar, known as 'The Bloodied', could find enough restraint within himself to duel Lena and not injure her. This was going to be an interesting pairing...
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