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King's the one who said it was Jesus' example that motivated him to do the great things he did. You don't believe that since you are atheist--fine for you. It doesn't negate that King said he did it to put his faith into action and be an example of Christ's love. That was his stated motivation. If you're disputing that he did it just because he's a good guy, OK, but it's not supported by the numerous documents where he states that it was his faith that gave him the courage and conviction to stay on course and continue the fight for civil rights in the midst of government surveillance and numerous death threats. I can't say 'He did great things because he was a great man' when King himself said 'I'm doing these things in the name of Christ.' He obviously didn't believe Christianity was a fairy tale. King and I'll chalk one up for Christ (though King would probably say he wasn't doing enough for Christ), you'll continue insisting it doesn't count because you don't want it to, so there's nothing more to say on that at that point.

As far as religion is concerned I don't plan on discussing it with you anymore than is absolutely necessary for the purposes of this thread. As you stated, you were banned from Kavar's. I prefer not to be the catalyst for further infractions so it's best if we leave that subject off limits as much as possible. I'm here because I love studying King and want to make sure misinformation about him isn't promulgated (and no, I am not saying anyone here is spreading misinformation).

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