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Christianity, I believe, did influence King's work, however, I do not accept his faith to be the primary motivation for his good works. Even though he repeatedly accredited his altruism to Christianity, I do not see him as some sort of poster child for Christian generosity; I see him simply as a representation of goodwill within man. This is also due to the equal or greater amount of evildoers that have also professed their faith to Christianity (Vlad the Impaler comes to mind, as well as several others.)

I will not attribute MLK's successes to his faith, as that only breeds further divide and hatred between religious groups; by singling out a supposed "superiority" in a religion, due to a few of its more generous followers, only produces more inter-religious hatred violence that has dominated world history.

Additionally, most individuals that I consider to be Christ-like aren't Christian at all. Gandhi, Guru Nanak, Siddhartha Gautama (and all of his subsequent reincarnations), Confucius, Bahá'u'lláh, and many others, are all prominent examples of people who exhibit what Christians consider to be Christian, sans Christ.

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