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The Arbiter raced out from the bridge suddenly, in response to a call down the corridors. Then, another call followed.

"Heretics! Weapons fire!"

The Elite turned to Valkanar. Suddenly multiple plasma bursts erupted across the bridge, barely passing between them. Valkanar activated his cloak, and threw his friend out of the way. He landed none too gently at the end of the room, and Valkanar unleashed his energy sword upon the intruders.

They were Sangheili, and very skilled ones at that. They easily noticed the disturbance of his cloak and met his blade in midair. They all deactivated their cloaking and began to spar with the blades. Valkanar was not very cut out for this, but neither were they, in fact. However, one bad move and suddenly his arm was beat down and he was flailing on the floor.

Suddenly a grenade flew out of nowhere and the Elites, well, exploded.

Score 1 blue-armored Sangheili.

He put forth an expression of grim satisfaction to his friend, and rose to go find the Arbiter.
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