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Xan had been making sure the glassing was going according to plan when the lights shut off unexpectedly.

"Damn ship, The Fleet Master's ship is far too ancient."

Xan went to go find out what had happened when he the destroyed power supply. Xan bent down and noticed some shrapnel on the ground. He recognized the work of a human hand grenade anywhere in fact he was a little impressed by them. Xan turned to leave when he felt a gun on his back.

"Don't move."

He was face to face with a demon... was it the Chief? No, this demon was smaller than the chief but that didn't mean it wouldn't be a good warm up. Xan lifted his arms up as if to surrender but activated his shield instead. The caught the demon by surprise. Xan kicked the demon into a wall and activated his energy sword. The demon hit Xan in the gut with its gun and pushed Xan back. It fired but Xan's shield was able to block the round. The demon was forced to reload giving Xan his chance. Xan swung his sword down on the rifle and it cut the gun in half. the demon gave Xan an uppercut and readied a knife. The demon swung down but was cut short by Xan's shield. Xan pinned the demon at the wall with his shield slowly crushing its chest. Xan readied his energy sword and stabbed it in the throat. The demon's body dropped to the ground, lifeless. Xan now had a strategy for the Chief, get it into very tight quarters. Xan took the helmet off the demon and exited the room. He heard the sound of gun fire and took off after it, breathing heavily along the way. There were dead sangheli on the ground with human weapons next to them... heretics. He looked up and saw two humans escape into the darkness. Xan looked back to the heretics and then to the Arbiter. Xan walked up to him and placed the helmet at the Arbiter's feet.

"Noble Arbiter, I do not wish to cut the Fleet Master off but I feel these filthy heretics were not working with the humans. The fact they had human weapons was an attempt to confuse us into thinking they were human. Besides the two that escaped would have probably attempted to attack if they knew the heretics were on their side. I would highly recommend we get you off of this ship in case their are other heretics on board."
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